Photos of any kind — not even by photographers with the press

Photos of any kind — not even by photographers with the press — were allowed to shoot Ryan Adams’ set Friday at Benaroya Hall.Ryan Adams has joined the chorus of readers/listeners who take issue with Gwendolyn Elliott’s review of his set, Friday at Benaroya Hall.

On his Facebook page, Adams says:”Were you at the Seattle show? What do you think of this womans take on you as fans? Pretty disappointing. You can contact the seattle weekly with your thoughts ( in the letter to the editor segment on the bottom of the main page; it says “about us” I sure will.”Gwen went to the show, and was chastised repeatedly for admitting to showing up a song late, taking notes on her Blackberry (which she stopped), and whispering to her friend. She left early. She didn’t write about Adams’ music. She wrote a great piece that aptly portrays Adams’ fans as militantly pretentious, and far more insufferable than a person who shows up one song late.Some people have said this isn’t appropriate behavior for Benaroya Hall. Seriously? Where were those comments when Eddie Vedder brought his Ukulele Songs to the room? I saw Coldplay at Benaroya Hall — seriously, that’s a story for a different day — and the guy next to me smoked a J the whole time. Was I disappointed? No. I knew that even though I was on Seattle Symphony’s home turf, it was still a concert, not a recital. Then again, Seattle “concerts” have started sounding more and more like recitals in recent years. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that members of the audience would start expecting silence and relentless reverence from each other.Here’s what I think is disappointing. Via commenter Drew:”I was shushed for singing along and whispering to my husband. Give me a break! I’m at a freaking concert not the effing symphony.”Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.