The Fat-Burning Kitchen Reviews: Proven Nutrition Plan by Mike Geary for Real Weight Loss Results?

Are you battling to lose weight? What you eat determines your rate of fat loss. In dieting circles, an adage says, “calories in, calories out.” That means the calories you eat must be less than the calories your body burns daily to experience a weight loss effect.

If you’re eating under your daily calorie threshold, you should be losing weight.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

What you eat makes just as big a difference to your weight loss results as ensuring you hit your daily calorie threshold.

Some foods produce a toxic effect on the body, reducing your dieting results – in some cases, you might even experience weight gain if you don’t know what you’re looking for in your food’s nutritional profile.

Why Your Doctor Could Be Leading You Astray

If your diet progress stalls and you hit a plateau, or you’re finding it hard to move the scale needle, even when eating a caloric deficit, you might decide you need help. As a result, you’ll probably visit your doctor for nutritional advice – it makes sense, right?


The reality is doctors are the worst people to ask for nutritional advice. A recent survey of US medical doctors shows that 19,000 physicians are overweight, and 23% are obese. So, half of the doctors in America are overweight.

Answer this question – would you take financial advice from a broke person? So, why would you want nutritional guidance from an overweight doctor? When doctors are studying toward their MD qualification, they only receive approximately 8 to 25 hours of training in nutrition.

That sounds unbelievable, right?

Western medicine doesn’t focus on treating the root cause of physiological problems – they treat the symptoms. American doctors are incentivized by the pharma giants to push drug therapies on their patients.

That’s why we’ve recently seen an explosion of prescriptions for weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. You see, the long-term effects of these drugs on the human body are unknown – there is no data available on them because they’re new to the market.

Essentially, if you’re considering using Ozempic or Wegovy, you become a lab rat. That doesn’t sound good, right?

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Are You Battling with Your Weight Loss Plan?

Are you experiencing any of the following issues with your body?

  • Belly fat that won’t go away no matter how much you restrict calories or increase exercise levels.
  • Bloating after eating.
  • Fat gain in the lower abdomen, around the lower back, or on the back of the arms.
  • Painful aching joints.
  • Digestion issues like diarrhea, constipation, gas, or a flareup in IBS symptoms.
  • Dry and lifeless-looking skin.
  • Swings in your energy levels and mood.
  • Cravings for snacks and fast food.
  • A decline in your sleep quality.

These are classic signs that your digestive system is experiencing massive distress. To resolve your fat loss issues, you need to reconsider your diet.

The Issue Is Your GI System

The GI tract is responsible for processing the nutrients from your food, shuttling them throughout the body for metabolic fuel. When the GI system is inefficient, it results in the problems you’re facing with your weight loss plan.

The problem isn’t your calorie consumption; it’s your food choices. Eating foods high in inflammatory agents disrupt the health and balance of the gut biome. We have hundreds of billions of these biomes in our intestines, and they’re the workhorse that assimilates the nutrition from our food.

Eating inflammatory foods creates significant amounts of inflammation in the gut. These inflammatory cytokines pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream, causing the onset of “systemic inflammation.”

Some inflammation is beneficial, and we can’t live without it. It protects the cardiovascular system and is essential in healing when we injure our bodies. However, too much inflammation is a problem.

When inflammation levels become too elevated, these cytokines are spread systematically throughout every part of our physiology. Recent medical research shows systemic inflammation is the root cause of all chronic diseases, from diabetes to cancer.

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Are you Eating Foods that Pile on the Pounds?

We’ve all heard that sugar is bad for us; that’s no secret. However, plenty of other foods cause massive upticks in systemic inflammation in the body, leading to failed attempts at weight loss diets.

Today’s industrial food system incorporates toxic ingredients into your foods, causing health issues in our bodies. Microplastics, phytoestrogens, and other toxins can destroy our digestive health and upset our hormonal balance.

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are compounds that accelerate aging in our bodies. Over time, they damage our organ health and function, resulting in slow progress with weight loss diets.

Wheat food products are high in AGEs and Amylopectin-A, which spike blood sugar significantly higher than eating refined table sugar. Wheat-based foods such as bagels, bread, cereal, muffins, and baked goods are high in these toxins.

Wheat also contains antinutrients and mineral blockers, which cause undesirable effects on the human body. The phytate antinutrient found in wheat-based foods blocks the absorption of vital minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and manganese.

Wheat also contains gluten, a protein responsible for causing the food allergy “celiac disease.” Gluten and the other antinutrients discussed cause the onset of digestive disorders like IBS and leaky gut that ruin your GI health.

However, wheat isn’t the only food you need to avoid in your diet. Vegetable oils contain trans fats due to the degradation of the fats in the oil during the refinement, bottling, and transportation of these oils.

There are dozens of foods that contain antinutrients. Chances are you’re probably including many of them in your diet plan, and that’s the reason why you’re battling to see the inches come off your waistline.

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The Fat Burning Kitchen – Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to a Fat-Burning Machine

When you change your diet and incorporate the right foods into your meal plan, you’ll see dramatic weight loss results as your GI health improves. But how do you know who to trust with meal planning? We’ve already discussed how your doctor might be leading you astray.

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Mike spent years researching nutrition, and he’s developed the Fat-burning Kitchen eBook to help people like you. This book gives actionable tips for selecting the right foods for your weight loss meal plan.

You get everything from shopping lists to recipes and meal plan structuring to meet your weight loss goals. With the Fat-Burning Kitchen guiding you, you’re guaranteed to see real results that blow away your expectations.

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