Pocket Farm Reviews – Alec Deacon Backyard Liberty Smart Food Growing Guide?

According to its creator, Pocket Farm offers a groundbreaking solution to combat food insecurity caused by corporate greed and governmental control. This unique food-growing program empowers individuals to cultivate their sustainable food sources, ensuring no one can steal food from their tables. While Pocket Farm may seem unconventional due to its focus on how to grow highly nutritious and quickly grown foods, it is highly effective.

Designed to create a “food force field,” Pocket Farm equips individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve food independence. Users will no longer have to rely on external sources for sustenance; they can learn valuable skills from this program to build their thriving farms. By embracing Pocket Farm, individuals can establish a self-sufficient food supply, granting them freedom and resilience in adversity.

What Makes Pocket Farm Stand Out?

Pocket Farm is the ultimate online resource, offering a comprehensive food guide unparalleled in scope and depth. It emphasizes the importance of water preservation and encourages the cultivation of healthy, non-GMO produce. Conventional foods are surpassed in favor of high-yield, nutrient-rich crops and even fish farming in natural environments. With Pocket Farm’s straightforward, step-by-step instructions, farming concepts become accessible and attainable for individuals of all backgrounds.

By following the principles outlined in Pocket Farm, individuals ensure their survival during a crisis.

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Who Created Pocket Farm?

The creator of Pocket Farm is Alec Deacon. Alec experienced a nightmare in real life when he saw his farm burned to the ground. After overcoming the post-traumatic stress period, he decided it was time for him to do something for his family. The situation was not good, as he no longer had a farm and needed to find a way to provide alternative food sources for his family.

After studying what the people in Gaza were doing for food, he decided to follow in their footsteps. After all, Gaza is an arid war zone where families still feed themselves and have enough food to survive. What surprised him about what he learned is that there’s no need for backbreaking work to grow nutritious food. After putting into practice farming strategies discovered by studying, he created the Pocket Farm program to help his family and others no longer worry about spending so much money on food or depending on others to supply it.

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What Does Pocket Farm Offer?

Pocket Farm is a comprehensive guide for small and large-scale farming and is described as an “alternative on-demand food source.” This program can change the narrative in people’s lives within five minutes. With each purchase of the Pocket Farm, consumers get:

  • A video guide
  • A blueprint for a self-built aquaponics system

Without Pocket Farm, many people could not be self-sufficient and depend on others for food. For this reason, the program received high recognition across the US and other countries. After learning what Pocket Farm teaches, consumers will no longer spend months working hard for food. Instead, with Pocket Farm, they now need to spend five minutes each day to grow their food supply.

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What Can Consumers Learn with Pocket Farm?

With the Pocket Farm guide, people can learn everything there is to know about farming without limits. For instance, they find out what Aquaponics is and how to build an aquaponics system for less than $400. For those who don’t know, aquaponics is a system where plants and fish exist in harmony. It combines fish farming and hydroponics and is an alternative for those who want to farm without:

  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Bending and lifting
  • Working long hours

The sad news is that aquaponics books are either too academic or confusing. Luckily, Alec solved this problem by contacting a professor specializing in this field. He learned how to design his own vertical aquaponics high-density system, and now his farm is a “food generator.” Building this system cost Alec just $400. After he got his first fresh vegetable culture and fish filet, he organized a feast with his family and friends to celebrate.

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How Long Does It Take to Grow Food with Pocket Farm?

Alec’s neighbors and friends could not believe how fast he could grow food. He was open to teaching them his methods, and more people came to him to learn. He showed them how to build an aquaponics system so everyone in the community has their food now. This is when Alec decides he should come up with Pocket Farm. The good news is that even a 9-year-old can learn from his texts and put together an operational aquaponics system.

Even Mac Slavo, who owns SHTFplan, says Pocket Farm is one of the easiest-to-use aquaponics instructional guides. But the good news doesn’t stop here. Alec presented his plans to a friend, and they devised an even more affordable blueprint for the Pocket Farm system.

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How Much Water Does the Pocket Farm Aquaponics System Use?

According to many people who followed Alec’s advice, farmers need less than 10% of the water required for conventional farming. The Pocket Farm aquaponics system recycles the water between fish tanks and growing beds. Therefore, water no longer gets lost through soil absorption. With this system, water gets lost only through evaporation.

What’s also interesting about having the Pocket Farm aquaponics system is that farmers need less space for gardening. They can grow their food on rooftops, balconies, or in a basement. The only things they need to do are feed the fish and harvest vegetables.

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Why Do Consumers Need Pocket Farm?

Since Pocket Farm is a program that can help cultivate and grow food anywhere, it is accessible to everyone. Many people spend thousands of dollars on food without realizing they can have everything they need in their backyard. As mentioned, Pocket Farm helps anyone grow a farm on rooftops and balconies without effort, and it’s perfect for those who live in the city. They don’t have to read anything when learning how to build their aquaponics system. All they should do is watch the Pocket Farms program’s video.

There’s no academic lingo or fancy jargon involved. Pocket Farm explains clearly and in detail how they can ensure their small or more significant farm thrives and have the reassurance of food security during a possible U.S. food supply system collapse.

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Pocket Farm Free Bonuses

Pocket Farm has three free bonuses that teach people how to deal with crises. These bonuses are digital eBooks that share the most precious information on this planet. But let’s see the titles of these eBooks and what they are all about:

Bonus#1 – How to Build a Water Biofilter

This eBook is a special report on how to build a water biofilter. Such a filtration system is essential during crises and is easy to make.

Bonus #2 – Surviving an Economic Collapse

The second bonus Pocket Farm eBook discusses how to interact with people when the situation is desperate. It also discusses what currency to use when money is no longer worth anything.

Bonus #3 – 27 Items You Need to Hoard Before a Crisis

Last, 27 Items You Need to Hoard Before a Crisis presents what people should hold on to. No one knows what life brings next, so they should be prepared for any disastrous situation after reading this eBook.

How Much Does Pocket Farm Cost?

Pocket Farm is available on the program’s official website. Here, it comes at the following prices:

  • One physical Pocket Farm book + the digital eBook + Three bonuses at $39 + a $9.99 shipping fee
  • One digital Pocket Farm eBook + Three bonuses at $39 + Free shipping

The product includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. Since it’s sold through ClickBank, customers can contact the seller with any questions at:

  • Phone: 1-800-390-6035
  • Email: support@clickbank.com

Pocket Farm Summary

With the Pocket Farm guide, people can learn everything there is to know about farming without limits. For instance, they find out what Aquaponics is and how to build an aquaponics system for less than $400. Pocket Farm is a program that can help individuals learn how to cultivate and grow food anywhere, and it is accessible to everyone.

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