When an employee at the Lululemon Athletica yoga clothing store in the

When an employee at the Lululemon Athletica yoga clothing store in the ritzy town of Bethesda, Md., found Brittany Norwood on the morning of March 12, she was tied up and injured. Nearby was the horribly beaten, stabbed, and lifeless body of Jayna Murray. Norwood’s story was that two masked men entered the store where both the women worked and then beat and raped them, eventually killing Murray, but leaving Norwood herself alive. That story, police now say, is bogus and the woman they first thought was the “sole survivor” is actually the killer.Norwood, a 28-year-old from Federal Way and once a standout soccer player at Decatur High School, was arrested and charged with murdering Murray after police say they gathered enough evidence to call B.S. on her story.What really happened, say police, is that Murray and Norwood had been fighting–possibly over accusations that Norwood had been stealing merchandise from the store–and in the throes of anger, Norwood beat and stabbed Murray to death, then hatched a story about mysterious men who never existed.Several conflicting pieces of evidence led police to charge Norwood with the murder. For example, only two sets of footprints were found inside the store where the crime took place. Also, employees at the Apple Store nearby reported hearing the two women fighting. Blood and other forensic evidence linking back to Murray was also found in Norwood’s car several blocks away.After asking Norwood to explain the evidence, she told them that the intruders let her leave the store, but said if she didn’t come back in 10 minutes that they would kill her.That excuse didn’t pass muster.She’ll get a chance to tell it again to a jury soon.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.