Welcome back to TWISC, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring

Welcome back to TWISC, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring at Starbucks’ 17,000-odd worldwide locations over the past seven days, as well as the week’s fallout from prior Starbucks-related misdeeds. This was a busy week for Starbucks crime, so we’ll jump right in with a sad update from Florida.Longtime readers of TWISC will remember Eric Efaw, who last week was busted for installing a camera in a central Florida Starbucks bathroom. It is our sad duty to report that Mr. Efaw, a self-employed Web designer, was found dead on Sunday in a motel room he’d rented 100 miles outside Tampa. Toiletcam installer Eric Efaw’s death was ruled a suicide.Shortly after making bail in the voyeurism case, Efaw checked himself into the Knight’s Inn, a cheap motel in Punta Gorda, where police, responding to a report of a suicidal male, found him dead in his room. Cops didn’t say how Efaw killed himself. ***Now to Newtown, Connecticut, where James Young, a 39-year-old janitor at Newtown High School, met the unnamed object of his affection, then a 15-year-old girl attending the school, four years ago. James Young’s relationship with a high-school student allegedly involved a Starbucks parking lot.In order to woo the lass, Young would take her, among other places, to the local Starbucks, where they’d drink java and share their likes and dislikes. Soon, cops say, the nature of the relationship between the 39-year-old Young and the girl became sexual. In addition to coupling with some frequency in his bedroom, authorities alleged earlier this week, the two also made a habit of having sex in a camper van he’d purchased. According to Newtown Patch, which has covered this story like shrink wrap, the van was decked out with a bed (obviously), two captain’s chairs, cabinets, and a television. There were a couple places the couple would park the van and allegedly engage in coitus. One of those places was the parking lot of the same Starbucks where Young had courted the student.Things went bad when the girl, now a 19-year-old woman, broke things off with Young a few months ago. He didn’t take it well, she told cops, and one day in March, when she returned with a male friend to her home from a house-sitting assignment, Young was allegedly waiting for her in his car. After he made “threatening gestures,” she drove away, only to be pursued by Young. The two had a cell-phone conversation, in which he allegedly demanded she return $260, apparently for tires he’d bought her on her birthday. She ended the chase by stopping the car and getting out. Young did the same and was coming toward her when an alert police officer who’d seen the chase unfold arrived on the scene and arrested him. Young has been in jail since April, unable to make $10,000 bond. He has been charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a child. He’s next due in court on June 22. In case things weren’t bad enough for him, the superintendent of Newtown Schools said that though he’d been a “good worker,” she’d have to fire him. “We have zero tolerance for this,” Superintendent Janet Robinson told Newtown Patch. “I certainly can’t have him back at the high school.”***We now travel across the pond to Singapore, where, as reported Sunday on the Temasek Review blog, 30 or so locals were drinking some coffee, dressing in black, and talking about the “outrageous salaries” drawn by members of that island-state’s ruling People’s Action Party. A wild guess, but we think it might have been that last activity that attracted the attention of Singapore’s police, who, according to the report, “found fit to patrol around them like a hawk as if they are criminals.”Continues the Temasek Review:When one of them tried to take photographs of the group gathering, a police officer by the name of Corporal Goh Choon Heng (circled in red in photo below) from Tanglin Police Division stopped him from doing so and took down his NRIC number.

Temasek ReviewTemasek ReviewSingapore, of course, is an efficiently run and nearly crime-free zone of economic prosperity that is also a brutally repressive police state. In this context, having your ID number taken down by a police officer in connection with protesting high-level corruption is scary, and the people who gather in these seemingly nonthreatening protests, which are organized online, are brave.***And finally to Texas, where Dustin Brodnax pleaded guilty last Friday to drunkenly driving his BMW sedan through the front door of a Corpus Christi Starbucks last June.Dustin Brodnax was drunk when he drove his Beemer into his local Starbucks.According to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Brodnax will have to install an ignition-interlock device on his car, pay a $750 fine, do 40 hours of community service, follow a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, and allow his probation officer to monitor his Facebook account. On a happy note, the incident occurred at 3:30 in the morning, so aside from Brodnax’s face and reputation, no injuries were reported. ***That’s it for this week. Until next time, remember: Suicide is not the answer, sex with underage girls in camper vans is not advisable, and living in a police state is limiting. Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.