Twice now I’ve strolled through the Occupy Seattle protests at Westlake and

Twice now I’ve strolled through the Occupy Seattle protests at Westlake and been forced to endure some idiot bellowing about how 9/11 was an inside job. Once a woman ranting was onstage with a microphone, the other time a dude had a bullhorn.These people should have neither. Besides being utterly wrong about what happened on 9/11 (a debate I’ll save for another time), Truther talk is simply not in line with the message (at least what I think is the message) of the Occupy movement, which is wealth distribution, jobs, social justice, etc.If protestors are going to call themselves “the 99 percent,” they need a message that resonates with 99 percent (or at least most) of the American people. The middle class and the poor getting shafted by corporations and the government that those corporations control is such a message–9/11 conspiracies are not.People blabbering on about 9/11 at the Occupy protests might as well call up Andrew Breitbart or Michelle Malkin ahead of time and let them know that they’ll soon be providing video fodder for their movement-discrediting efforts. And this, really, is the problem with the left: Too many issues, too little coherence. The Tea Party took off because its members had a simple message that everyone could remember: Small government, low taxes. Meanwhile, the Occupy protestors–largely because they’re liberal and therefore can’t help it–are trying to incorporate too many voices and too many messages into what should be a simple cry of “Tax the Rich!” or “Regulate Wall Street!”And when the radical fringe is given voice, the entire movement is tainted in much the same way that the gun-hoarding wingnuts of the Tea Party have given it an increasingly bad name.The Occupy movement is at critical mass right now, with the eyes of the world watching and detractors looking for any opportunity to mock and belittle it back to yesterday’s news. The only way to avoid that pitfall is with a simple and coherent message that speaks to all walks of life–something that Truthers represent the antithesis of. Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.