Tim Eyman, the Duke of Direct Democracy, will be filing paperwork on

Tim Eyman, the Duke of Direct Democracy, will be filing paperwork on Monday with the Secretary of State’s office to put another initiative on the ballot. Mukilteo’s favorite son isn’t saying what the initiative will be about, but knowing Eyman, there should be a bit of political ballyhoo involved when he makes the announcement in Olympia next week. Eyman is still feeling flush with victory after I-1053, which mandates a 2/3 supermajority in Olympia to raise taxes, passed by 63 percent last November. And he’s had success focusing on other fiscally conservative issues, like in 2005 when he helped pass I-900, a measure which established performance audits for state and local agencies.So what’s Eyman’s next course of action? Here are a few possibilities.He could try for another $30 license-tab measure, aka his bread and butter. An initiative requiring voter approval to install red-light cameras would be a fitting expansion of the law he got passed in his hometown last fall. Or he could go for something more of-the-moment, like limiting the legislature’s ability to implement tolls on the 520 bridge, which are coming this spring.But from a man who once gave a press conference wearing a gorilla suit, anything is possible. Could we could get a statewide referendum to banish Ken Schram, KOMO radio’s professional curmudgeon, to the Phantom Zone?Or a measure once and for all to make “Louie, Louie” Washington’s official theme song?Updated: It looks like we know part of the answer. According to the Associated Press, Eyman is filing paperwork to reinstate I-1053 which requires a 2/3 majority to increase taxes, just in case legislators in Olympia decide to overturn the initiative this session.