The two groups who shared Westlake Park today — Occupy Seattle and

The two groups who shared Westlake Park today — Occupy Seattle and Target, a giant corporation they would like to destroy — competed for the attention of passersby, with demonstrators chanting things like, “Target, you are the target.”The retail giant, in an apparent peace offering to the group, donated a portable toilet and food yesterday, said one protester, who asked not to be named. “They’re leaving tomorrow, and we’re hoping to take over the rest of the park,” she said.Target had already planned an event in the park to promote its fresh fruits and vegetables before protesters, inspired by similar demonstrations in New York and around the country, arrived last weekend. “At least we have some music for entertainment,” one of the Target presenters quipped as a group marched by banging drums and waving anti-Target signs.One of the demonstrators, Christina Purington, 27, of Seattle, said she’s unemployed, has struggled to find medical treatment for severe nerve damage in her back, and doesn’t plan on leaving until she’s forced out of the park.”I went from a productive, tax-paying citizen, an office worker, to just living off credit cards,” said Purington, who lost her dot com job when a larger company bought hers out and shut it down. “Big business totally fucked my life over.”Stan Reed works three nights a week as a doorman for a night club. He moved to Seattle 17 years ago from South Carolina, and lamented a lack of government spending on health care and education.”People are losing their jobs, can’t feed their families, are losing their homes, no money for health care and education, no money for basic human rights,” he said.The protesters have set up special tents for food, medical care, and “peace and safety,” said Aliana Bazara, who’s representing the leaderless group to the media. Each day, they hold a “general assembly” and make decisions about what to do moving forward. Bazara said she’s unemployed and has been laid off three times in the last four years.”I’m educated, I’m strong, I’m capable, I pay my taxes, and I love my country,” she said. “I’m not leaving.”