As soon as she was acquitted by an Italian jury, Amanda Knox

As soon as she was acquitted by an Italian jury, Amanda Knox became the most hunted woman on the planet. Major media outlets jostled for an interview, and for local reporters and members of the national press in town for her arrival home, a guessing game ensued. Would she go to her mom’s house? Her grandma’s? What about her dad’s?Last night, well before the Boeing 747 carrying Knox landed at SeaTac, about 20 reporters, photographers, and cameramen positioned themselves around her dad’s West Seattle home, ready to pounce when the family arrived.Several cameramen listened to a live audio feed and tried to track developments — a large contingent left Amanda’s grandma’s, for example, so they guessed she wasn’t going there. They weren’t sure if the “welcome home” sign hanging on the house was meant to lure reporters as a decoy.Then around 6:30, a helicopter came in sight. “They’re coming!” everybody shouted. A black van slowly maneuvered its way down the street, stopping in front of the driveway. But alas, Amanda Knox wasn’t in the van.Curt Knox, however, did arrive, and was instantly surrounded by reporters and photographers. He and his ex-wife, Amanda’s mother, sat in a separate part of the plane from their daughter, who was in a special cordoned-off area, he said. “You’re not going to find her,” he jokingly told one reporter who asked where she was.The West Seattle home of Curt Knox, Amanda Knox’s father.A sign adorns the front door of Curt Knox’s house.Curt Knox arrives home from Sea-Tac.Curt Knox is joyous as he walks toward his home.Curt Knox speaks to reporters.Members of the media surround Curt Knox.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.