That’s two days in a row now that news has come out

That’s two days in a row now that news has come out about some dude doing something bizarre on a flight to Idaho. Instead of a Tabasco sauce wanker, today we’ve got Russell Miller of Treasure Valley, Id. who was arrested in Boise last night for supposedly punching a 15-year-old boy on a flight for not turning his iPhone off during the landing.KBOI News reports today that police were already at the gate waiting for the 68-year-old dude when he landed in Boise. The report quotes Boise PD’s Lt. Kent Lipple who said the guy hit the ceiling when the kid next to him kept listening to music and playing games, despite the flight attendant’s warnings that they’re on their final descent and should turn off all electronic devices. He apparently hit the kid on the arm hard enough to leave a mark, which was good enough for the cops to arrest the alleged old crank. Besides it being pretty pathetic for an 68-year-old man to hit some teen he doesn’t know, the rule that people need to turn their electronics off on the landing is stupid anyway. As the Mythbusters have soundly proved, there’s no way a cell phone, much less one that’s just being used for games and music is going to bring down an airplane.So there, Russell Miller, you’re a dick and a sheep.