Last Friday, after the Seattle Storm beat the Minnesota Lynx 65-55, the

Last Friday, after the Seattle Storm beat the Minnesota Lynx 65-55, the team invited reporters into the locker room for questions. Sarah Toce from the Seattle Lesbian blog was there and reported that during the question-and-answer session, someone yelled out “They just passed [same-sex] marriage in New York!” and there were cheers all around. Forward Lauren Jackson even said it made her “proud for humanity.”So, considering that the team will meet with President Barack Obama in the White House today, and given the WNBA has a well-earned reputation as possibly the most gay-friendly professional sports league around, one can’t help but wonder if the Storm players will ask Obama why he doesn’t support same-sex marriage.I asked Storm Director of Communications Carrie Krueger if she knew if any of the players would bring up marriage equality. She said she wasn’t sure, and because the team was on a plane to Washington as we spoke, she probably couldn’t find out.She did say that she’d heard Obama’s gay-marriage stance has come up in the locker room before and that it was a “great topic.”It is a great topic.The president has maintained a position consistently against the right for same-sex couples to marry. Sure, he’s said gay couples deserve the “same rights” as straight couples (read: civil unions), but where the rubber meets the road, Obama refuses to endorse actual marriage rights for those same “deserving” Americans.The White House’s latest buzzword for Obama’s gay-marriage stance is that it’s “evolving.”That stance, coming from a man who was the product of a marriage between a black man and a white woman–a union that was illegal in 16 states until six years after Obama was born–is ironic, to say the least.Obviously the normal protocol when teams visit the White House following a world-championship win is to smile for photos, hand out a custom President’s jersey, and shoot the shit harmlessly for a while.But with same-sex marriage enjoying unprecedented attention in the media, and a team of women from a league that’s beloved by the LGBT community in the White House, someone finding the guts to challenge the President on which side of history he wants to be on would be a welcome move.Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.