It’s hard to tell if this kid is really an epic fugitive

It’s hard to tell if this kid is really an epic fugitive along the lines of Jason Bourne and Frank Abagnale, Jr. or just a convenient scapegoat for sundry thefts in the rural Northwest. Colton Harris-Moore is now suspected of stealing a plane in Idaho, “hard-landing” it in Granite Falls, and walking away. This followed a series of thefts–in which he is apparently a suspect–of handguns, food, and beer at an airport in Creston, B.C. Perhaps this international action will bring another law enforcement agency to the list of those investigating him, which already includes local police, the Federal Aviation Administration, and, thanks to his cross-state foray, the FBI. If he is indeed guilty of the crimes of which he’s accused, someone has to make a movie of his unprecedented run. He’s an unlikely super-fugitive, having grown up in a trailer in the woods and honed his skills stealing equipment from his middle school. But, police allege, he quickly moved on to stealing and flying planes, learning to do the latter by reading flight manuals and Internet articles. And he jumped from a stolen Mercedes he was driving during a police chase, letting it crash into a grocery store while he disappeared into the woods, laughing at his pursuers. Of course, all of this sucks for the victims of his crimes. But time heals wounds and Hollywood loves a precocious lawbreaker. See you on the big screen, Colton.