Dr. Louis Chen is accused of stabbing his partner and their 2-year-old

Dr. Louis Chen is accused of stabbing his partner and their 2-year-old son to death in a unthinkable act of brutality. And yet aside from local Seattle media’s coverage of the story and a bit of attention from the regional press, his actions have been largely ignored by national news outlets.One commenter says he knows why.Oriana writes:This whole story has been covered up because he is not a heterosexual European-American male who is accused of murdering his wife and child! See Nancy Grace and Gloria Allred salivate over those cases! Plus the asian community tends to control media in their communities. People have long pondered on the press’ overwhelming love of crime stories that involve beautiful white people. Occasionally scientists have even tried to quantify the seeming bias with heavy research (see here, and here).And the example that Oriana uses of Nancy Grace (probably referring to the Casey Anthony trial) is apt, as Grace led the way for the mainstream media’s hysteria in a case that was tragic, no doubt, but certainly not as tragic as many other cases that get swept under the rug with no more than a passing mention from local media.Whether Chen’s Asian heritage or his homosexuality is at play here in making the story a nonstarter for national press is anyone’s guess. He is a doctor, after all, so it’s not as if this is a case of common street thuggery.So I’ll put the question to you all.Dd you think the Louis Chen murder story is being glossed over by the media because he’s not a straight white man?Follow The Daily Weekly on Facebook and Twitter.