Ausha Wooten.The party was Ausha Wooten’s idea. There had simply been too

Ausha Wooten.The party was Ausha Wooten’s idea. There had simply been too many senseless killings in her community, she says, and somebody needed to do something. So she planned an all-day event, the “1st Annual Central District Family Renunion,” as she dubbed it, for Saturday at Powell Barnett Park. When the kid showed up with the gun, then ran off, and according to witnesses fired off a few rounds as he bolted down the street, Wooten was angry. But as she defiantly notes, the day didn’t end there. The gun incident, she says didn’t come as a total surprise. “The park was packed with youth and kids and families. There was no violence or disrespect. It was just a peaceful day,” says Wooten. “Sometimes the person downstairs gets kind of mad when everyone’s enjoying themselves.”At around 6 p.m., Wooten was introducing Paul Patu, a local minister set to speak to the crowd that Wooten estimates at 250 people, when the individual with the gun, who Wooten says hadn’t partaken in the day’s festivities, made his appearance known. “He just showed up,” Wooten says. “From my understanding he just pulled out a gun.”In the ensuing chaos, frightened people ran from the gunman and out of the park. The gunman also ran out of the park. The police received multiple 911 calls of shots having been. By all accounts, officers were on the scene almost immediately, did a thorough search of the park, but found no gun, no perpetrator, and no victims. The police also checked in with local hospitals in search of victims, Det. Renee Witt tells Seattle Weekly, but found none.One of those who ran from the park was a mother who was at the park with her five-year-old daughter. Part of the growing white population living around the park that coexist–sometimes easily, sometimes uneasily–with the African American community that has long used the park, she wrote of the incident on the popular Madrona Moms blog.”I noticed a lot of people running away with fear in their eyes,” says the woman, who asked not to be named. At that point, she left the park with her daughter. Will she return?”At this point it’s up to my five-year-old,” she says. “She was very scared. When we just drove past [the park] she said she didn’t even want to look at it.”But not everyone left after the gun incident. Wooten credits the cops with not dispersing the crowd after the unfortunate incident, and says that about 100 people stuck around, and watched as she and others presented a plaque to the family of Tanaya Gilbert, the pregnant 19-year-old gunned down, likely by the now-deceased Kenneth Harding. Says Wooten: “I know how the devil works, but he didn’t win. We stayed in the park until 9 p.m.”