Ann Danieli and Mariane Spearman have kept their campaign civil. The two

Ann Danieli and Mariane Spearman have kept their campaign civil. The two are competing for position #53, an open seat on the King County Superior Court bench and thus far, both agree, the mudslinging has been nonexistent.However, just because candidates keep their race civil does not mean their supporters will follow suit – even in a race as obscure as that of superior court judge. On Monday, someone saw fit to send a letter to SW alleging that, “[Danieli] has a reputation for making deals with prosecutors to let them win a case.” The letter goes on: She had a “lesbian relationship” with Michelle Slotemaker, a former lawyer in the Seattle City Attorney’s Office, which allowed Slotemaker to win cases but got her fired. Lastly, Danieli “has been known to be nasty to public defenders who do not cooperate with the prosecutor.” The letter, signed “Seattle Honest,” came with a fake email address and phone number.Michael Spearman, Mariane Spearman’s campaign manager and her husband of 17 years, is quick to distance the Spearman campaign from the letter. “I have absolutely no idea where it came from,” he says. “I’m positive there was nobody associated with our campaign that had anything to do with it.” In fact, Spearman says, he received a very similar email, but didn’t share it with anybody. “It’s a judicial race,” he says. “We try not to do any mudslinging in these types of campaigns.”Neither Michele Slotemaker nor Ann Danieli would venture a guess as to the letter’s origins either. “I’m sure that it’s not coming from the Spearman campaign,” Danieli says. “We’ve kept things civil.”For the record, both Danieli and Slotemaker deny everything the letter alleges.