Neil DiamondWhen: Sept. 24Where: KeyArenaMy buddies Kurt and Steve are brothers. Kurt

Neil DiamondWhen: Sept. 24Where: KeyArenaMy buddies Kurt and Steve are brothers. Kurt and Steve’s parents, Dennis and Sue, LOVE Neil Diamond, love him so much, in fact, that when Neil Diamond comes to town, Dennis and Sue don’t just buy two tickets, they buy six – at 120 bucks a pop. Kurt and Steve’s lady friends weren’t available last night and strangely enough, none of our other friends wanted to go. So two hours before Neil took the stage, I answered a frantic phone call and agreed to accept the open ticket. It quickly became apparent, however, that I don’t belong at a Neil Diamond show. Kurt, Steve, our buddy Brett and I, were the youngest people in the audience – by like 30 years. Neil was cutting tracks long before any of us were even born. So, for me, it was much more entertaining to watch the old ladies wave Neil Diamond posters and squeal like school girls than to watch the old man shimmy across the stage. Personally, I think he should have hung it up years ago. That being said, his band is incredible. They roll 15 deep and all are incredible musicians. I think they ought to follow The Band’s example and strike out on their own. But alas, the entertainer is still fronting them as he has been, apparently, for more than three decades. My pops sent me this text message in the middle of the show: “Mom and I saw him 30 years ago and it was painful.”However, there are plenty of people who would disagree with me (and pops) as was evidenced by last night’s turnout. The place was packed and, to be fair to Neil, I really shouldn’t be reviewing his show. That task ought to fall to a baby boomer, and luckily for us, I spotted our city’s most notable baby boomer leaving the show last night (who says the guy hates night life). This morning, I left a message with Greg Nickels’ press people hoping I could goad him into giving me his thoughts about the show, but alas, the mayor didn’t return my call. Luckily for us, he can leave a comment below. Mayor? Your thoughts?

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