Volterra Drawing Room

5411 Ballard Ave. N.W. / 21+

3 p.m., 4 p.m. / Dennis, Devin Duval Quartet

Seattle Music Partners, the nonprofit beneficiary of this year’s REVERB Festival, brings professional musicians—volunteering their time—into underserved elementary and middle schools. Today, two of those bands (Dennis at 3 p.m., the Devin Duval Quartet at 4 p.m.) take the stage to represent SMP. If anyone deserves a drink and a thank you, it’s these guys. CK

5 p.m. / Erin Jorgensen  See preview.

6 p.m. / Bernie Jacobs Quartet

Over a four-decades-plus career, the journeyman flutist has nailed everything from bebop to classical to smooth-funk to organ-groove. SW recognized him last year for his wicked solo on a new Darrius Willrich quiet-storm disc. His own quartet plays mostly standards, with a cheerful spirit and some sweet vocals from Bernie.

7 p.m. / Dawn Clement

A quietly brilliant jazz pianist with an endless swell of ideas, Clement also has a fondness (and gift) for wistful singer/songwriter pop. She’ll be playing duo with the city’s most supportive bassist, Geoff Harper, covering her own tunes as well as some Bowie, Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder.

8 p.m. / Jason Parker Quartet

This trumpeter-led quartet’s upbeat, standards-driven, straight-ahead jazz has made it a popular wedding band, but one you can take seriously. With a rhythm section that includes The Teaching’s Evan Flory-Barnes and Josh Rawlings, they get the hard-swinging job done.

9 p.m. / Goat

A power trio of distorted grooves, textures, and punches, Goat combines jazz concepts with avant freedom and well-directed energy. It’s the kind of thing that can suck in lesser hands, but Goat’s members—woodwind player Greg Sinibaldi, guitarist Skiff Feldspar, and drummer Chris Icasiano—have the talent and wisdom to make a shapely noise.

10 p.m. / Combo Craig

The last two Volterra shows of the night feature a pair of trios whose members have mixed and messed in a variety of overlapping thrash-jazz units. First up is tenor saxophonist Craig Flory with the wildly versatile Mike Stone on drums and longtime organ grinder Ron Weinstein on the B3. They take the soul-jazz format and fry it up in motör oil.

11 p.m. / The Drunken Masters

No swapping out drum kits required for this show, as Stone stays on the throne, swift Joe Doria takes over the B3 seat, and nerve-tapping guitarist Thaddeus Turner joins for some high-volume jazz-rock, atmospherics, and grind-funk.