Mark D. Fefer

Before the Regime

Folklife reminds us of a Seattle that celebrated the strange.


Crunch Time for the NFL

A meeting next week, co-chaired by a Harborview doc, will address the concussion epidemic.


Voter-Guide-Overload Solution: Another Voter Guide

In addition to the state pamphlet, you now get a King County one too.


Around the Horn at Earshot Jazz

A brief look at the vast spectrum of sounds available at this year's festival.

Volterra Drawing Room

5411 Ballard Ave. N.W. / 21+

On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View

Her work won't be in Seattle Weekly anymore, or anywhere else.

Who’s the Bigger Tool, Rumbaugh or Johnson?

The battle for the Washington Supreme Court seat held by Jim Johnson is rallying LGBT interests. Johnson famously wrote an opinion upholding the state legislature's… Continue reading

Best of Seattle 2010 Profiles

In tough times, these people are making the city a better place.

Pot’s Lost Names

Your signature to put legalization on the ballot may never have seen the light of day.

Pot: The Gateway Petition

Washington's marijuana-legalization initiative hasn't had any big-money backers, but it's gotten plenty of big-money help.

Why the Cost-Overruns Crowd Has No Credibility

Their concern for taxpayers only extends to projects they don’t like.

The ‘Shoot Relents

One Reel calls off a Bumbershoot competition that pissed off the design community.

Cosby Joins the Tea Party

Or so it seems, based on recent UW research on "racist" views.

Red-Hot Redbox

A Bellevue company’s DVD vending machines hit pay dirt.

Microsoft’s “New Busy”; Sounds a Lot Like the Old Tone-Deaf

The new ad campaign for Hotmail identifies the pioneering free e-mail service as "the New Busy." This exercise in tone-weirdness, this ball of syntactical confusion,… Continue reading

The Man Who Manufactures Cancer

Four-time (and counting) survivor Glenn Rockowitz writes a full-hearted, wise-assy memoir.

The Right Wing Still Hates McKenna

He may have won over the Tea Partiers, but the biggest GOP funders in the state still want anybody but him.

Seattle Weekly’s Spring Arts Guide 2010

The period that falls just between the gray doldrums and the explosion of outdoor festivals is one of the city’s busiest for arts events. And… Continue reading

Spring Arts: Keyed to the City

Novice Seattle playwright Sonya Schneider finds a mainstage showcase for big ideas at Intiman.

Bartell’s and the Drug War

The Seattle chain cuts its Medicaid losses.