Think of a typical yoga class, and surely the last thing that

Think of a typical yoga class, and surely the last thing that will spring to mind is the sputtering chaos of sound you’re likely to hear at a noise show. Yoga is all about calming, peaceful tunes, right? Noise Yoga co-founder Gabe Schubiner, a computer-science graduate student at the UW and a DJ at Hollow Earth Radio, says the two disciplines have more in common than you’d think.

“One of the reasons I love noise music and many types of experimental music is that I find that it puts me into this state where it almost feels meditative,” Schubiner says. “The level of noise and unpredictably of the sound blocks out my internal thoughts; it’s overwhelming in that way.”

With Carly Dunn and Corporal Tofulung, also DJs at the online radio station, the three conceived of Noise Yoga, an hour-long class guided by an instructor and accompanied by a live noise artist or band. The first event, held on October 15, attracted approximately 30 participants, Schubiner says.

“One of the reasons the event turnout was so exciting for us was [that it brought together] some people from the yoga community and some people from the noise community,” he says. “That’s definitely what we were hoping for… but being on the music side, going to a lot of noise and experimental shows, there’s not a lot of body awareness; it’s a cerebral, psychological experience.” He relates the idea of joining the two to “traditional meditation practices. [It] forces you to interact with your body, [while trying to] simultaneously maintain an internal inner peace.”

Three more sessions are planned through November before organizers will decide if the idea has generated enough interest to become a full-fledged monthly event. In the meantime, Schubiner says, remaining classes will appeal to yoga and noise-music lovers alike. “It’s a pretty simple hour-long yoga session, neither too intense or rigorous. Participants [should] feel free to explore whatever moves them.” Noise Yoga With Hanford, Wed., Oct. 29; Karnak Temples, Wed., Nov. 12; Baniszewski & LeBlanc, Wed., Nov. 26. Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave., 622-6952, Text Suggested donation $10–$15. 7:30 p.m.