Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read MiscellanyIf you are

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

If you are one of the unlucky 13 people in Seattle left without Halloween plans then look no further. Salvation is here! Check out the list below and take your pick from any of these events sure to lead to fright, delight, prizes and public drunkenness – not necessarily in that order. Huzzah!

If you like free parties then head to Fado Irish Pub which is hosting a Marvel Pals & Disney Gals Halloween Party. Come dressed up as your favorite superhero/heroine or Disney princess and win prizes. The party promises cobwebs, fog and scary surprises in every corner. Kind of like your grandma’s attic. Oh, and if drinking Harp and Bushmills isn’t enough for you, then try one of the featured Jell-o-ween shots: the Drunken Pumpkin, Bloody Syringe or Brain Hemorrhage. Classy.

Check out the Frolik Yelloween Ball. What exactly is a Yelloween Ball one might ask? Good question. It’s an event co-sponsored by the famously yellow labeled Veuve Clicquot champagne house. Yes, there will be the requisite costume contest and prizes and whatnot. But there will also be champagne flowing, a rooftop deck party at the Motif complete with Big Band-era music and festive Frolik! food for the occasion.

Celebrate Dia de Muertos the way they do South of the border at La Carta de Oaxaca and Mezcaleria de Oaxaca a day early on October 31st. Live brass bands, street food and plenty of mescal will be flowing freely. Enjoy and don’t eat the worm.

The Halloween season continues with more capitalization on the holiday theme. This time it’s being done right – by roasting a whole animal at Bastille Cafe & Bar in Ballard. Chef Jason Stoneburner will be cooking up a pig on the back patio for carnivores and omnivores to enjoy. Bring the family for a pre-trick or treat meal from 4-6 on October 31st and then head out to procure dessert, piece by glorious piece, on the streets of Ballard.

Chipotle gets into the annual fundraising act again this year with its weirdly named Boorito event. On Friday October 31st, all kids dressed in costume will be eligible to purchase $3 boo-ritos as well as a selection of other items. Proceeds go to a good cause (which is the only reason this is listed here) for the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation supporting sustainable farming practices and small family farms.

Over at Porkchop & Co., they’ll be running Happy Hour all night on the 31st and hosting a hot dog extravaganza. They’ll be topping Olympic Provisions wieners with a few different options, like one with house bacon, kimchi, and eazy cheese.

Last but not least, and not food related at all but hard to pass up listing is the ‘Revenge of the Anaconda’ Halloween Party at the Corbu Lounge. Spelling bee losers Evolusion Projekt will drop beats with DJ Ambush. Along with dope music, the party features requisite sexy costume parties, drinking and, wait, wait, don’t tell me: A TWERKING CONTEST! No word on whether Sir Mixalot wants some hon.