Premiere: Taylar Elizza Beth’s ‘Daisies’ Music Video Is a Whisper of Encouragement

The West Seattle native’s new EP ‘Fresh Cut Flowers’ is due out next month.

Taylar Elizza Beth was born and raised in West Seattle, and her homegrown hip-hop is the soundtrack for an inspired summer. Her new single “Daisies,” from the forthcoming EP Fresh Cut Flowers, sounds like a dare you can dance to, like your best friend whispering I know you can do this in your ear right before you do whatever it is that scares and excites you, that keeps you up at night dreaming:

“Put our faith up against all hate/do you believe we are something great?/You make me feel like it ain’t too late/Like we was born to create/do you believe in fate?”

“Daisies” is a song that makes hope look tough, not naive, and Taylar has a fiercely hopeful future ahead. A self-taught artist of many talents, she started rapping as an extension of her interest in poetry and performance, releasing her first project The BLK EP in 2014 with Fresh Cut Flowers slated to drop in early August 2016.

Taylar’s songs are complicated, personal, funny, and entirely original, and it’s a delight to see “Daisies” coming out of Seattle in the midst of such dismal times.