Look at this photo of Swedish New Wave/synthpop band The Sounds (who

Look at this photo of Swedish New Wave/synthpop band The Sounds (who play Showbox at the Market on Tuesday, October 27). Look at it carefully. Something’s wrong here. Specifically, why is this band’s one female member the only person in the photo who isn’t wearing pants? Christ, those aren’t even hot pants. Those are straight up skivvies. I understand that Maja Ivarsson is the Sounds’ frontwoman, and is therefore the default sex symbol — and would be even if she was a hairy male tough with a beer gut instead of Debbie Harry’s hot Swedish lookalike. But she could wear pants and still play that frontwoman sexpot role. Or a short skirt. Or at least cover those undies up with some Daisy Dukes. Plus, I believe in putting feminism to work for me. Don’t The Sounds also have fans who are more into schlong than slit? Don’t those fans deserve to see something that they’ll find sexy, too? Get with the times, the Sounds. If your lone female band member is going to put her (very shapely) legs on display in order to attract more attention to the band, so should your hottest male band member put his goods on display. In the name of equality, I say!Now, of course, we must decide which man in this photo should be the one to parade around in his tighty-whities. I vote for the guy on the far right.