Little DragonSeher SikandarYou know a band is going to be huge when

Little DragonSeher SikandarYou know a band is going to be huge when its first show in your city winds up nearly selling out, which is what happened at the Little Dragon show last night. The band is from Sweden, and has only been to the States a couple of times, period. But after last night, I have a feeling they’ll start frequenting our country more often. Little Dragon frontwoman Yukimi Nagano’s soulful vocals are the main attraction, undulating atop synth, bass and various percussion instruments. There’s a drummer in the band, too, but Nagano also assists with percussion, and last night, brought out an odd time-keeping contraption (anyone know what it was?) that she played with a stick. In spite of the relatively sparse instrumentation, Little Dragon’s sound is huge and all-consuming, but without being overwhelming. There’s a tranquil quality to the music — it’s generally mid-tempo at best — but it’s never soporific. You can’t dance to every song, but even for the slower numbers, everyone kept moving, swaying like a sea of kelp people. A bunch of people I talked to at the show lat night — many of whom actually came to see openers Thee Satisfaction, who killed it as always — wound up being thoroughly impressed with Little Dragon and sticking around for the band’s whole set (which included a generous encore), which just proves their vast cross-genre appeal. Nectar talent buyer Meli pulled out all the stops to bring the band to Seattle in the first place, but I have a feeling they’ll be back. And if the band’s next show happens at Nectar or any other medium-sized venue, cancel your plans and go to that show, because from the looks of it, it won’t be long before they’re selling out the Showbox.