Ben Folds directs his ”symphony” – the crowd – at the University

Ben Folds directs his ”symphony” – the crowd – at the University of Puget Sound Sunday night.Ben Folds, Ben LeeWhen: Sunday, April 27Where: University of Puget Sound FieldhouseBen Folds put on a typically engaging and humorous show at the Fieldhouse at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma on Sunday night. Folds, who has made quite a business of doing college shows, nearly packed the house – and certainly rocked it. The show was open to all ages, and little kids had their mothers covering their ears as Folds spouted off some new words. To make things confusing, another Ben – Ben Lee to be exact – opened for Folds. Both performers carry significant stage presence and could probably make it as stand up comedians, too. Folds, for one, was certainly not tied to his piano and amazed the audience by placing random objects (tin pan, shaker, and more) inside his piano for some mind-boggling effects. The set was a long one, lasting more than three hours, and despite it being a gymnasium show, the only nasty side effect was the heat. As Folds said, “Three-part harmonies sound glorious in gyms.”Ben Lee plays guitar with his teeth while opening for Ben Folds.A fan holds Fold’s coveted set list to her body after a stage hand gave it to her, hoping to keep it for her eyes only.