(Apologies for my first bit of shameless self-promotion on Reverb, but I

(Apologies for my first bit of shameless self-promotion on Reverb, but I bring this to your attention because, my involvement entirely aside, this party is worth your knowing about.) Tomorrow night is the inaugural edition of TROUBLE at the new Capitol Hill space created by the minds behind Pike Place Market’s cabaret hot spot Can Can, the FRED Wildlife Refuge. The space is pretty ridiculous, an old photography studio with curving white walls in the main room and a mezzanine overlooking the dance floor. It’s nice but not too nice, stylish but not snobby. And it’s tucked away in the heart of Capitol Hill in what looks from the outside like it should be drab office space.Trouble began as Trouble Dicso at Re-Bar, but has since dropped the Dicso (whose misspelling seemed to confuse people–Was that a dick joke? Is this a gay night? Or is it just a little flamboyant?) and moved up the Hill. Disco, both vintage and modern, does feature prominently, but the DJs go where the mood takes them, into house, acid, funk, broken beat, whatever. Tomorrow’s party features Vancouver, B.C.’s Love Dancing, Seattle’s Sun Tzu Sound, and DJ Kid Hops of KEXP’s Expansions, as well as Trouble founder Heavy Dicso, and, yes, myself performing as DJ Fucking in the Streets (it’s an MC5/White Panthers reference). See, as a critic, I shit all over other people’s music for my own self-aggrandizement and profit; as a DJ, well . . . The party goes ’til 4 a.m., which means even if you’re going to tomorrow night’s sure-to-be-awesome Dismemberment Plan reunion show (which I soooo would be if I weren’t otherwise booked), you still have plenty of time to come shake a leg and make this your after-party. This concludes the shameless self-promotion. We now return you to my needless hating on local hip-hop.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.