Album Premiere: Lizzie Weber – ‘You’

The Seattle folk singer-songwriter pens potent and poetic breakup songs on her new EP.

Most singer-songwriters can pen a halfway decent breakup tune, but it takes a deft touch to craft aching odes to relationships’ ends while still maintaining a composed confidence devoid of melodrama. Seattle singer-songwriter Lizzie Weber pulls off the feat on her new 3-song EP, You.

“This set of songs are ones that I wrote many years ago, after a traumatic breakup,” says Weber. “They were so brutally honest that I couldn’t bring myself to record them for awhile, even though personal lyrical candor has never been difficult for me—I couldn’t face them. But I wanted to record them because I know these feelings to be universal for those of us who have ever felt the pain of lost love.”

When the St. Louis native first moved to the Northwest in early 2016, she split time between Seattle and Anacortes. Eventually she found her way to The Unknown, the lovely church-turned-studio in Anacortes, where she recorded You in September 2017. The EP features a minimalist production based around Weber’s unwavering vocals and folk-rooted acoustic guitar core (though the title track eventually opens up with orchestral flourishes). This leads to a very intimate sound, as if Weber is simply sitting a few feet away and strumming these songs just for … well … you.

Weber releases the You EP this Friday, September 7, but you can listen to it early via the premiere stream below.