A Holiday Wish-List From SassyBlack

In the form of a poem.

As a musician, I find it hard to figure out what my creative mind needs. There is always something I could use to better myself, but how do I define that and make it reasonable for someone to purchase on my behalf? Whenever a gift-exchanging event takes place, I try to think of what I really want or need in my life to take the next steps. So in an effort to make it easier for folks to buy me gifts, I present this poem.

It is the gift-giving time of year, where people send praise and good cheer. In good faith I offer thee guidance when selecting gifts for me . . .

Receiving the proper advice is key when beginning your Sassy shopping spree. I enjoy musical instruments from Roland and synths of the Ableton Pack persuasion. Items such as gift cards are good for holding as well as for any occasion.

As I stroll through TSA, abroad or in the U.S.A., I’ll think of you and how you made my day. Pre-check & Global Entry prepare me to slay. Make me feel like Be-yon-cé. Once I get up on my flight, I’m comforted knowing my luggage is tight. Glad you took my advice last night and bought me the Swiss Gear suitcases, the right weight and correct height.

I love collecting mileage while on tour. Whether Alaska or Virgin Airlines, the offering of frequent-flyer miles works for sure. If this you cannot provide, just sign me up so I can stack toward free rides.

Though all these items I have listed are fun, none are as fun as the last one. Truly I am a blessed businesswoman and a performance Queen. So the best gift you could give me would be to join my team. Join me at a live show or DJ set. Come through, shake your groove thang, and sweat. Or purchase my music and share with a loved one; this way it’s twice as fun.

I have one addendum to make to my ask: Please buy local and new music that kicks ass. Be unafraid to try something new, and most of all be unafraid to be the best you.

Now you know what I am looking for—feel free to get me these gifts and more. Or if it feels a bore, you can hand me cash and I will hit the store.

Edit note: Listen to more from Catherine Harris-White, aka SassyBlack, here—and do some holiday shopping for the music lover on your list while you’re there.