Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany If you

Your Daily Dose of Food News, Events and Must-Read Miscellany

If you don’t want to deal with the crowds at Oktoberfest in Fremont this weekend, you can still get your sausage and beer on at Agrodolce. They’ll be offering a spicy pork sausage with polenta and Alvarez peppers and a Pike beer for $15 this Friday-Sunday during brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour. But if you are going to the Fremont Fest, here’s everything you need to know.

Looking for something totally different than Oktoberfest festivities? You could check out the SALO Filipino pop-up this Sunday at 6 p.m. The dinner series from Yana Gilbuena has already made the rounds in Brooklyn and California, and is trying to encourage more representation of Filipino cuisine here in the states. For more info about the event, check out their Facebook page.

Ben & Jerry’s just came up with a Seattle ice cream and now the trend appears to be catcing on with other desserts. Two friends have dreamt up a four-layer coffee/caramel/chocolate cream pie that they want to become the official pie of Seattle — and made available in local grocery stores. They’re funding the project via a Kickstarter campaign and have already made half of the $9,400 they need. Check it out here.

Seattle Tilth announced its fall class list. Courses cover a range of topics, from growing salad in containers and making herbal salves to raising city chickens and goats. Details are available here.

According to Salumi’s chalk board last week, they’ll soon be offering Lamb Proscuitto. The board says to leave your name and number and they’ll call you when it’s in. (206) 621-8772