So we’ve been working on this project for a few weeks now–this

So we’ve been working on this project for a few weeks now–this notion of being able to define and qualify the edible soul of a city simply by the foods that its people eat. And though far from finished, I figured today might be a good day to pause a moment, catch our breath and take stock of where we are and how far we’ve come.Looking back, we’ve had a good mix of places so far. A list that straddles the middle ground, captures both the high-end and the low, the classic and the new, and sets, like fence pickets, a kind of rough outline of the psychological property lines of Seattle’s appetite.Obviously, we’re not done yet. Really, we’re not even close. Every restaurant, every dish I choose, seems to lead inevitably to others. One burger will never be enough (and we already have two), one dumpling, one plate of noodles. We haven’t yet touched the food trucks, barely scratched the surface of the International District, obviously have some big, heavy-hitters (like Canlis, Paseo or anything from Tom Douglas) not yet included.But we’re getting there. We’re making headway. Honestly, I’m not sure how long this project will go on for or where it will finally end. I do know a good start when I see one, though, and that’s what we have here. Below is a list of all the Essential Dishes we’ve included so far (with links!), and if these few shots in the dark happen to inspire you to think of other dishes at other restaurants that really mean something to you, use that comment button below and let me know. Since we’re trying to make this list as inclusive as possible, all help is appreciated…Deluxe Burger at Dick’sJiao-zi from Mandarin ChefCheeseburgers from Lunchbox LaboratoryPoutine from the Steelhead DinerDessert from Mistral KitchenFish and chips from Ivar’sGyros at Mawadda CafeHom bow from Mee Sum PastryTwo beers at The Athenian