Okay, so I’ve got some news today about the opening of the

Okay, so I’ve got some news today about the opening of the new Cupcake Royale location in Bellevue, but that’s not important right now. We’ll get to that later.What is important, on the other hand, is that the cupcake pushers from Royale are celebrating the opening of this new store by rolling out their Mobile Cupcake Party Cart and……wait for it…Giving away free cupcakes to the first 25 people who stop by. Provided, of course, those people know the secret code-phrase.Do you want to know what the secret code-phrase is? Click through the jump to find out.The phrase is “Welcome to the neighborhood” (okay, not terribly original, but still…). Just walk up, say those words to the cupcake slingers working there, and collect a free cupcake of your choice.One complication? Cupcake Royale is only handing out freebies to the first 25 people who show up at the cart, which is parked right outside the new cafe location at 21 Bellevue Way NE in Bellevue. To make things even more tricky, they’re starting this promotion at 11am today. So, in like three minutes.What are you waiting for? Get there now, say the words, get free cupcakes. We’ll get to the rest of the news later.You’re welcome.