Eve M. TaiCome to mama.Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, we’ve

Eve M. TaiCome to mama.Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, we’ve now officially kicked off winter (solstice notwithstanding). Yes, it’s time to haul out the lightbox and Vitamin D to ward off months of emotional debilitation. But if you subscribe to baked goods as medicine – and really, who doesn’t – fat is where it’s at. Fresh Flours in Greenwood (there’s another in Ballard) has baked up its own winter survival kit in their Basque Cake. It’s a small round cake with a crusty top – the powdered sugar logo is a nice touch – that reveals a light dry almond meal cake inside. By itself, this would make a lovely tea cake. But the Basque is phatter than that. And we’re not just talking about the custard, whose creamy body adds a nice balance to the cake. It’s also laced with rum to stoke the body and spirit with a little extra warmth. (Get Baked loves that Fresh Flours lists the Basque Cake as a “Breakfast Pastry” on their website.)Fresh Flours features the Basque Cake mostly on weekends. But the goodness will last you through the week. Eve M. TaiLess fat, but still phat.If you need a fix but can’t swing the fat, Fresh Flours has you covered there too. Liven up your afternoon espresso with their shortbread cookies – in Japanese fusion flavors of black sesame and green tea or their American cousin, the velvety chocolate almond. The cookies are solid and hearty, sure to anchor you through a winter.Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.