Emily Kane knew it was going to be difficult to return to

Emily Kane knew it was going to be difficult to return to her job as a finance recruiter after she had her first daughter, Isabel, three years ago. But she didn’t expect this additional problem: Her milk production dipped drastically. Always a baker, she had heard of cookies that were supposed to spur additional lactation production. “So I made some,” the 32-year-old mother of two recalled, “and they really worked.” For months, she set about perfecting the recipe and experimenting to make the cookies both tastier and healthier. In the meantime, her industry went into freefall. The Seattle native thought it was time for a new career. The result: Milkmakers Lactation Cookies.”I wanted to go for it and make my full time profession,” she said. The foundation of the recipe, she said, is the brewers yeast which helps spur milk production and flax seed to make the cookies healthy. As an added bonus, she said, “They taste great. My husband loves them my friends love them.”And no they won”t make anyone lactate who isn’t already. “I always get asked that,” Kane said, laughing. “No, they won’t make you grow man boobs or give you bigger boobs. It’s about lactation.”Currently, Milkmakers are sold on the internet. Kane is looking at retail options down the road. For that matter, she’s looking at stocking up her own supply; The Ravenna mom is expecting another baby in seven weeks.