Best Trivia Night: Chuck’s Hop Shop

The people have spoken.

Where else can you get a buzz on while showing your friends just how many random facts about early-’90s coming-of-age movies you know? Well, every other Monday at Chuck’s Hop Shop in the Central District, you can show off just how wicked smaht you ah during Hop Damn Trivia. Standard trivia rules apply: Teams compete against one another in several rounds of questions covering a wide range of topics. By the end, the scores are tallied and one team emerges victorious; its prize is often store credit or pint glasses, but the real reward is the taste of victory after crushing your adversaries with your mind. How do you like them apples?! 2001 E. Union St., 538-0743

First runner-up: Georgetown Liquor Company

Second runner-up: Skylark Cafe

Honorable mention: CentraL Cinema, Peddler Pub

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