Best Recreational Marijuana Store: Dockside Cannabis

The people have spoken.

Most of the world’s problems could probably be solved if our leaders just sat down with each other, chilled out, and passed around a fat blunt. While the likelihood of that actually happening is pretty dang slim, at least you can procure a little world peace for yourself at Dockside Cannabis. It has everything you need to bring about a nice, relaxing euphoria. Regardless of your preferred method of ingestion—smoking, eating, drinking, or dabbing—Dockside carries it. No problem if you’re a first-timer: The helpful staff will coach you through your first legal purchase as well as the necessary implements to ensure a safe, fun, and relaxing experience in the wonderful world of weed. 1728 Fourth Ave. S., 223-3724

First runner-up: Uncle Ike’s

Second runner-up: Stash

Honorable mention: Ganja Goddess, Hashtag

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