Best Ramen: Samurai Noodle

The people have spoken.

Samurai Noodle put ramen on Seattle’s restaurant map back in 2006, before authentic, stand-alone ramen shops had landed here. Channeling the regional flavors of Japan, Samurai continues to offer a highly customizable ramen experience at its three brick-and-mortar locations and new mobile food truck. Visitors can choose from five complex, richly flavored broths, decide on the firmness of their housemade noodles, and pick from a bunch of extra goodies, such as pork slices, roasted seaweed, soft-boiled egg, marinated bamboo, green onions, bacon, and black mushrooms. Various locations,

First runner-up: Kukai

Second runner-up: Aloha Ramen

Honorable mention: Ramen Man, Suika Seattle

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