The Winners From This Year’s Reader Poll

Democracy in action.

You cast your ballot. Your vote was counted. And now the returns are in. No, we’re not talking about the primary election. We’re talking about the Best of Seattle Reader Poll. And while the winners of this vote don’t promise to blaze a path to a brighter future, they do guarantee that you know where to eat, drink, and be merry in the ever-important now. For this year’s edition of the Reader Poll, we have selected a number of winners that deserved a closer look—some because they are new to our community, others because they overcame previous losses to claim the title of Best of Seattle, and still others who just piqued our curiosity for one reason or another. In the links blow, then, you will find a guide to the greatness of this city, as well as a few stories that show how being the best is done. Take notes. Next year’s winner could be you.

The Winners: Food | Drink | Nightlife | Entertainment | Arts | Media | Wellness | Commerce | Cannabis | Out & About


Best Gym

Cappy’s Gym Keeps Up the Good Fight By Sara Bernard

Best 24-Hour Eats

The After Hours at the North Star Diner By Casey Jaywork

Best Visual Artist

Cuban Expat Juan Alonso-Rodríguez Puts a Lifetime Into His Paintings By Jason Simms

Best Distillery

Fremont Mischief Mixes One Kind of Whiskey with a Lot of Clever Thinking By Jason Simms

Best Car/Ride Share

In a Year of Uber Scandal, Lyft Keeps Cruising By Sara Bernard

Best Folk Act

Tomo Nakayama Tells Us Exactly What He Means By Christy Carley

Best Budtender

What Makes a Good Budtender … Other Than Good Weed? By Casey Jaywork

Best Bartender

Jay Cates Is Master of His Realm By Kelton Sears

Best Radio Station for Music

A Brief History of the KEXP Gathering Space By Christy Carley

Best Convention

Crypticon Casts Fear in a Decidedly Northwestern Light By Nathalie Graham