Best Hot Dog: Cycle Dogs

The people have spoken.

“Hi, welcome to Seattle,” you’d say if you were the liaison to the Queen of Mars visiting Earth for the first time, “home of the vegan hot-dog cart.” It’s true, we have that. Let’s just own it! But let’s get serious: Everyone likes the idea of a hot dog. It’s 100 percent summer, even when it’s 100 percent vegan. Throw away the caveman penchant for animal flesh and bite down on a Field Roast frankfurter covered in avocado, vegan bacon, ranch, and cherry peppers. Go ahead, take your jaw off the floor, we’ll wait.

First runner-up: Dante’s Inferno Dogs

Second runner-up: Al’s Gourmet Sausages

Honorable mention: Hot dog stand in front of Neighbours, Rhein Haus

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