Best Gaming Bar: Cafe Mox

The people have spoken.

Few things are more satisfying than tabletop role-playing as a viking warrior and then turning around and ordering a giant pint of mead at the bar. Cafe Mox, the gaming bar attached to Ballard’s enormous Card Kingdom, is bonafide nerdtopia and beloved by the regulars that pack its halls out night after night, drinking, eating, and rummaging around for the latest expansion pack. Like the best bars, Mox also nurtures its community. For instance, the recent Bellevue expansion, Mox Boarding House, recently honored the achievements of local video game developer duo the Adams Brothers for the 10th anniversary of their video game Dwarf Fortress, by hosting a big “Dwarf Moot” blowout.

First runner-up: Add-A-Ball

Second runner-up: Gameworks

Honorable mention: The Raygun Lounge

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