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Originally slated to open in September 2012, Gangster Squad was delayed when

Originally slated to open in September 2012, Gangster Squad was delayed when the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, suddenly made a scene of gunfire in… Continue reading


Promised Land: Matt Damon Versus Fracking

Salesmen are typically depicted onscreen as the quintessential American phonies. That one set of phonies are being dramatically indicted by actors is an irony that… Continue reading


Anna Karenina: Keira Knightley’s Mad, Theatrical Passion

Tolstoy's family epic has been smartly contoured to fit just more than two hours of screen time by Sir Tom Stoppard, responsible for "literate" movies… Continue reading


Flight: Denzel Washington’s Drunken Heroics

The yammering about "Oscar gold" and Denzel Washington's potential three-peat will soon reach a deafening pitch, but such noise can only embarrass a fine character… Continue reading

Cloud Atlas: WTF, Wachowskis?

The trailer for this gargantuan adaptation of David Mitchell's 2004 novel, directed by two Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer, looks less like a preview than… Continue reading

Two Years at Sea: Ben Rivers’ Cinema of Slow

It is difficult for residents of these sprawling United States to regard anything within the snug British Isles as truly remote, but Ben Rivers' debut… Continue reading

Hellbound?: Theologians (and Others) Consider the Fiery Afterlife

Pope John Paul II made hell briefly unfashionable, but the administration of Benedict XVI has retrieved Gehenna from metaphorical downgrade into the more familiar lake… Continue reading

Trouble With the Curve: Clint Eastwood Talks to an Empty Chair About Baseball

What a strange thing for an actor to have been rehearsing one's decline and death for so very long! Eastwood is 82; he was wasting… Continue reading

Game Boy

The bigger and better mousetraps of Paul W.S. Anderson

2 Days in New York: Julie Delpy Pushes Toward Sitcomland

Julie Delpy's sequel to her 2007 2 Days in Paris calls back many of the same characters and more than a few of the same… Continue reading

Abendland: A Deadpan European Rebuttal to Samsara

A documentary composed of vignettes of Europe by night, shot as though through the eyes of some inquisitive, unobtrusive, silent ghost, Abendland is fringed with… Continue reading

Lawless: Moonshine and Machine Guns

Screening the history of bootlegging in urban America led to the invention of a genre—the gangster film—but moviegoers have seen little of the hills and… Continue reading

360: Rachel Weisz and Jude Law Spin in Circles

Is there something intrinsic to these wide-net, "We're all connected" ensemble movies that makes their authors think they need to address every human conundrum in… Continue reading

Killer Joe: Matthew McConaughey Will Kill You Now

At one point in Killer Joe, based on Tracy Letts' play, a hideously funny tabloid noir set on the outskirts of Dallas County, Chris Smith… Continue reading

Red Lights: Robert De Niro Fails to Thrill

Like a great number of films dealing with supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena, Red Lights is a thriller in which suspense depends on keeping both viewer… Continue reading

Dark Horse: Fear and Loathing in New Jersey

People always end up the way they started out. No one ever changes, one character says in Todd Solondz's significantly titled 2004 film Palindromes—an observation… Continue reading

Alps: Death and Surrogacy in Greece

In a gymnasium, a clandestine four-person group meets to discuss its name. One member suggests "Alps," explaining: "The mountains of the Alps cannot be replaced… Continue reading

Easy Money: Crime and Punishment in Sweden

As the general run of action films blithely defies the laws of gravity and consequence, what a pleasure to find a movie as grounded, physically… Continue reading

Crazy Eyes: Lukas Haas as Trust-Fund Bukowski

We first encounter the subject of Crazy Eyes' character study mixing his drinks while damning the glittering void of L.A. from the privileged vantage of… Continue reading

Lovely Molly: Spooky House, Not Enough Horror

The "name" connected to Lovely Molly is that of director Eduardo Sánchez, one of the perpetrators of 1999's Blair Witch Project hoax, a marketing coup… Continue reading