Mike Romano

A deadly term

The term-limits movement declares war on one of its own—Congressman George Nethercutt.



in, and out


Be careful what you wish for

Why winning its antitrust battle might destroy Microsoft.


Campaign 2000.com

The administration's antitrust crusade may hurt Gore's chances in Redmond, but help him in California.


Recent moves by Microsoft and Amazon.com may be signs of desperation.

Channel 9’s outsized dreams, downsized reality

KCTS launches a bold digital broadcasting initiative. So why is the station going broke?

Congressman’s ‘privates’

Rick White suddenly votes against his own Net censorship bill.

Damming Nethercutt

What does salmon have to do with term limits?

Death by pepper spray?

Seattle police are ignoring FBI safety warnings. Now Michael Ealy is dead. Will new science change local policy?

Death on Dexter

Grisly details and grieving family fail to sway all-white jury.

Devil’s bargain

As owl and salmon protections fizzle, a desperate attempt is made to hammer out a statewide forest conservation plan.

Dialing for digits

How Microsoft hopes to route your phone calls through NT.

Drugstore.com: Anybody home?

On February 25, when the latest sure-to-drive-Wall Street-mad Web business, Drugstore.com, opened, nobody could get in. Well, maybe not quite nobody, but it did take… Continue reading

How Gates got game

Microsoft built the most popular gaming site on the Web despite itself.

Jock vs. nerd

In the 1st District, ex-QB Jay Inslee takes on Republican nerd Rick White.

Joining Sam’s Club

Can Amazon.com and Sidewalk.com remake themselves into Web-Marts?

Lapping it up

Microsoft's campaign to give every student a laptop meets resistance—from Bill Gates' alma mater

May the Force be with you

. . . because it probably won't be a part of the prequel.


A Microsoft executive accuses the company of cooking its books.

Mooning the Giant

Last summer, Rob Glaser pissed off Bill Gates. Now, Microsoft is doing to RealNetworks what it did to Netscape.