Mike Henderson

Delay of Game

A steely defense has the Hawks undefeated despite surprisingly inept execution from Hasselbeck & Co.


They Might Be Giants

Who needs the NFL's reigning MVP with receivers this good?


4-8, Here We Come

Rick Neuheisel and the Huskies are in the doghouse.


A Duel at Safeco Field

It's Randy Johnson vs. Felix Hernandez!

A Quest Feel

The Seahawks show playoff promise in Green Bay.

A Thurber Drubbing

In Columbus, the Dawgs obey and play their anticipated role to perfection.

Ancient Mariners

Slow and steady still might win the A.L. West race.

Asleep at the Plate

If nothing else, the iffy M's need to raise the energy bar.

Beautiful M’s

An ugly season has its consolations: Edgar's long goodbye and Ichiro's hitting.

Believe It or Not

The Mariners look good losing the season opener.

Beltre’s Numbers

It's almost too much to comprehend: a potentially explosive Mariner offense.

Blue-State Hawks

A conservative coach goes radical in St. Louis.

Bucky Ball

The Mariners are suddenly watchable, and they can't disappoint us in September.

Busting Out in June

At midseason in a bad division, the .500 Mariners could be contenders.

Catching Mariners Fever

Now in center and right fields, Ichiro Suzuki!

Change of Seasons

With the Seahawks at 3-0, there's life after baseball this fall in Seattle.

Coulda Been Contenders

But the Seahawks weren't, and next season could be Mike Holmgren's last chance.

Desperate Househawks

Seattle fends off Carolina, and, for now, Qwest Field is not a broken home.

Does Sport Have Game?

Pizza and burgers, surrounded by 1,500 flat-screen TVs.

End of the Hawks Pox

Pinch yourself and get on the next plane to Detroit.