Michaelangelo Matos

(Nearly) No Stars

Armando, "Trance Dance" (Trax; originally released 1993). iTunesHieroglyphic Being, "Je Suis Musique" (Spectral Sounds). iTunesL'Usine, "Breed" (Designed Disorder).Portable, "Typhoon" (~scape). iTunesChris Abrahams, "Can of Faces"… Continue reading


2004 Music Awards

Close Calls, Imaginary Girls, Risqué Sonics, and Blue Scholars: Seattle's local-music winner's circle. MVPs Three Imaginary Girls are the Seattle music scene's shrewdest cheerleaders.


2006 Elvis Invitationals at EMP’s Liquid Lounge

Because I believe in conceptual appropriateness whenever possible, I began my foray to the 2006 Elvis Invitationals on Sat., Jan. 7, across the street from… Continue reading


A Beat Apart

From yodeling to cartoon sound effects, these CDs can't be duplicated

A Cautiously Enthusiastic Book Review

First book by the editor of McSweeney's touching, gimmicky.

A Chorus Line

Music books whose strength is in their variety.

A day in the life

The Beatles create and lampoon their own myth.

A Pop Conference Top 10

From Thursday, April 14, through Sunday, April 17, Experience Music Project's Pop Music Studies Conference, now in its fourth year, brings together a wide array… Continue reading

Ain’t No Telling

Seattle Weekly plays Jukebox Jury with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix biographer Charles R. Cross.

Amy Rigby

Seattle Weekly: You've recorded five albums, the most recent of which, Little Fugitive (Signature Sounds), begins with "Like Rasputin," which might be the best song… Continue reading

An Oral History

The story of a small arts festival that became a Northwest tradition, told by the people who lived it.

And the Beats Goes On…

Rediscover the sounds of Africa.

Apple’s New Tiny TV

Video programming is limited at the iTunes store, but with know-how and Quicktime Pro, you can load anything onto the V-iPod.

At Random

David McCallum, "House of Mirrors" (Capitol; originally released 1966).iTunesCoachwhips, "Did You Cum?" (Narnack). iTunesMabel Scott, "Catch 'Em Young, Treat 'Em Rough, Tell 'Em Nothing" (Membran,… Continue reading


Seattle Weekly: Your new album, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having [Rhymesayers], is being distributed by Navarre instead of Epitaph, the way your… Continue reading

Beats, Rhymes, and Life

Jeff Chang chronicles the hip-hop generation, while Peter Shapiro dissects its records.

Behind the music

An utterly predictable tale of the unpredictable music business.

Best ‘Superhero’ Cartoonist


Best Crate Diggers

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Best Dinner Theater