Maggie Savarino Dutton

Search & Distill: In Search of an Honest Pint

Oregon’s legislature just might do something about those oft-stolen two ounces.


Search & Distill: Don’t Neglect the Yellow Witch

Use Strega to switch up your old standards.


Search & Distill: How to Hold Your Flask

You’re not in college anymore.


Search & Distill: Three Reasons to Give Hotel Bars Another Chance

These rooms will make you want to be a better drinker.

Search & Distill: Big Al Brewery Hits Its Stride

A White Center secret no more.

Search & Distill: The Green Tea Killa

Yerba mate makes its move.

Joule’s Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi demonstrate the importance of being earnest.

Innovation Award Winner: Joule

While so many cooks these days want to be rock stars, we all know that rock stars aren't necessarily the most skillful with their instruments.… Continue reading

Joule’s Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi demonstrate the importance of being earnest.

Sustainability Award Winner: George and Eiko Vojkovich

When George and Eiko Vojkovich went organic more than 10 years ago, they could not have imagined that their way of life would become fashionable.… Continue reading

Search & Distill: Trial by White Wine

Try holding auditions for your house wine.

Barley Wines Offer a Safer Bet Than Stocks

And pay better dividends.

So You Want to Hit on the Bartender?

So You Want to Hit on the Bartender?

Hitting on a female bartender presents unique challenges. Maggie suggests you ask yourself a few questions before you do.

So You Want to Hit on the Bartender?
Maggie’s Guide to Gettin’ Some

Maggie’s Guide to Gettin’ Some

No one knows the secrets of the meet-up game like a lady bartender.

Maggie’s Guide to Gettin’ Some

Search & Distill: In America, Wine Is Just a Piece of Meat

It’s not holding up much better in France.

Six More Weeks of Winter Drinks

Harvey’s Buttered Rum, from Bremerton, turns boiling water and rum into the region’s official winter warmer.

Thomas Kemper’s Still Got It at Chuckanut

A craft-brew pioneer’s carved out a niche for himself in Bellingham.

Starting Over With Tequila

Your post-college primer.

Reviving Three Classics From Grandma’s Liquor Cabinet

Starting with the Pink Squirrel.

And Then There Were Two

Gin is a deceptively simple spirit to create, since it needs no aging. Once you distill neutral spirits with various herbs and spices, it's only… Continue reading

Save Those Tiny Bubbles

Never order fish or sparkling wine on Monday.Like waffles and popcorn, sparkling wine is best enjoyed right away. The minute you open a bottle, the… Continue reading