Joshua McNichols

Day Job: Kym Tuvim

Getting soulful and joyful with her piano students.


Dread the Office, Not the Music

Raamah may take your tooth, but he’ll also give you a song.


Driving a Bus, and Driving the Band

Drummer Steve Smith pays the rent on route 76.


Bimbo’s Refried Robot is Your Tiny Viper

How Seattle musicians pay the rent.

RA Scion: The Dog-Sitting MC

A look at how Seattle musicians pay the rent.

Backstage By Day, Onstage By Night

Michael Moore plays cello with the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra. The group includes all kinds of people. There are French teachers and public defenders, molecular biologists… Continue reading

Kristine Evans: Turntables by night

YMCA by light.

Flipped From Art to Music

But the paint still pays the bills.

Creating Silence By Day

And the music of Siberian by night.