Jackie McCarthy

‘No Future’ is now

Director Penelope Spheeris continues to chronicle 'The Decline.'


Acid casualties

The latest Irvine Welsh adaptation makes a virtue out of ugliness.


Age of Dissonance

The heroine of Tama Janowitz's latest novel has neither sense nor sensibility.


All Shook Up

How Elvis left the building.

Alter boy

Jim Carroll rising.

An American tourist asks the musical question, ‘Is it something in the water?’

Letter from SwedenDear Esmerelda,Here I am on the train to Stockholm. I lost the bet—Sweden isn't called the Land of the Midnight Sun after all.… Continue reading

Angela’s Ashes

The Pulitzer prize-winner is well served.

Apocalypse now

As tempests and flying pests invade New York,a Welsh rock band plays on.

Attack with ideas

Brazil's Olodum drums up a heady mix of politics and music.

Backward masking

What we talk about when we talk about old-school.

Beatles or Stones?

Juno's guitarists share their silly side.

Billy’s kids

Ben Folds Five and Amateur Lovers prove that Billy Joel can be cool

Boys Don’t Cry: The ballad of Brandon Teena

Gender outlaw as romantic hero.

Come as you aren’t

Todd Haynes' new movie is about the transformative power of glam.

Don’t call me Norman

Ex-Housemartins bassist Norman Cook resurfaces as a DJ and producer.

Eloise I Am

Everything I need to know I learned from Eloise

Everything but the girl

Dance-pop group Gus Gus loses touch with its feminine side.

Evolution rock

The Mekons leave their '70s punk-rock peers in the dust.

Felicia’s Journey

A superior grade of serial-killer film.

Female trouble

There's nothing soft at the Women in Cinema Festival.