Chris Carrel

Dredging up excuses

King County talks about saving salmon—but joins in a Renton dredging project that threatens Cedar River runs.


Green or greed?

As Boeing appears intent on environmentalism, activists are skittish.


Killer Salmon

Farm-raised Atlantic salmon are spreading disease and genetic weakness throughout Puget Sound and threatening to destroy native salmon in the process.


Mad Meat

We're just starting to learn how 'mad cow' diseases move through the food chain and what they can do to us.

Running wild, again

A reborn wilderness movement tries to save what Clinton's Forest Plan was supposed to protect, and didn't.


Dire prophecy fulfilled

Snow job?

Is a proposal to ban all fishing nets from Puget Sound supposed to save salmon or sports fisherfolk?


The M's go to the well—literally.

When your blood eats your brain

Mad-cow disease has shut down Britain's blood supply. Could it also be contaminating the US supply?