Bruce Barcott

A Season of Hard Western Truths

This may be the best post-Stegner year yet for books about the West.


Amazon.content for sale

We're shocked! Shocked! To hear that the bookseller is selling 'placement.'


As the Page Furns

New faces head Arts & Lectures and the Bookfest, and they're looking for ideas.


Books Quarterly: The Sweet Science of Literary Revenge

Thom Jones becomes winner, evens score with world.

Born again

Charles Johnson's follow-up to 'Middle Passage' revives a living, breathing Martin Luther King Jr.

Everest 101

A documentary refuses to take us behind the scenes.

Fall Arts Preview – Books

Bailey/Coy Books—9/14: Poet and essayist Nancy Venable Raine reads from After Silence, an account of her rape and its aftermath, as a benefit for Home… Continue reading

Microsoft’s New Brain Project

A prodigy's Redmond isolation lab faces 'outing' over life secrets

Poetic Conversation

Adrienne Rich and Linda Bierds talk poetry, persona, and politics.

Pop icons

Life of smiley

Rhymes With ‘Humpy’

Hooking up with Dangerous Dave, Captain Caviar, and other kings and chum at the Fisher Poets festival.


Before you trek off in search of spiritual enlightenment, be warned: It's a jungle out there.

Snow Queen

A new book and a reissued classic from the world's leading connoisseur of snow.

The Divine Ascension of Rebecca Wells

Two years after its publication, 'Divine Secrets' finds its audience—in a big way.

The heady cocktail of Everest

Matt Dickinson on the mountains North Face, the 96 tragedy, and Mallorys chances on the Second Step.

The unwilling Humbert

Just try talking to a kid

What happened to the books?

An argument for keeping the next library bibliocentric.