Brian J. Barr

Soft as (Allen) Stone

Seattle's contribution to the soul-revival canon is high on pedigree, light on soul.


DIY: The Luxury of the Rich

Doing it yourself is great, if you can afford it.


Kim and Thurston: Split Single

For Sonic Youth's golden couple, marriage was their most rebellious move.


Reading and Singing

The Bushwick Book Club turns homework assignments into music.

Fretboard Journal’s $13 Question

Why readers gladly fork out for the glossy, geeky guitar magazine.

An Incomplete History of Ice Cube’s Career Architecture

From PHX to NWA to Are We There Yet?

Seattle’s March to Fuzz

Amid a sea of pop and folk, some scuzzier sounds in town are having a moment.

The Genius of Ke$ha

The next Madonna? The next Lauper? Either way, you love her.

White Center: Almost Hip

Cheap rent and legit truck food have yet to spoil this West Seattle suburb.

In Defense of Danzig

The ex-Misfit is a visionary who demands our respect.

Humble Prince Billy

The Wonder Show of the World is worth making a fuss over, even if its founder won't.

NPR: Music’s Loveline

Why public radio's become the go-to spot for bands to hook up with paying customers.

McGraw Country

How calculated risks have made this man as ubiquitous as red, white, and Nicholas Sparks.

Seducing Kris Kristofferson

With its 50th release, Seattle's Light in the Attic Records celebrates the pleasure and pain of reissues.

Mix a Match for Georgetown?

Rock clubs have not fared well in the city's faraway neighborhood.

Devendra Banhart: To Be Continued

Yeah, he'll finish that song when he's done. Thanks.

Wintergrass: Bluegrass Blues

The location may have changed, but the music knows no difference.

Tooth & Nail’s Latest Cover Boy

Meet the 25-year-old, Grammy-nominated Seattleite you’ve never heard of, at the local label that gets no respect (in town anyway).

Q&A: Aja Pecknold’s a Fleet Fox

The band’s manager proves there can be life after Seattle Weekly.

Maas Media

How a local filmmaker rediscovered Seattle’s soul.