Sarah Romano Diehl

Transcending the Phone Zone: A Holistic Remedy

Just follow these simple steps to alleviate smartphone symptoms.


Wild Waves (Also Life)

A brief treatise.


Seattle Cemetery

Even in death, municipal pride shines through.


Scourge of the Earth

Dang kids ruin everything these days.

The Beauty of Spring

Love is in the air! As well as a lot of other stuff.

Predictions for Most Popular Halloween Costumes, Seattle 2016

Time will tell, but these are our bets for Oct. 31.

A Murder

Don’t underestimate the vindictiveness of Seattle’s crows.

Sunshine Loonies

With the start of the summer season comes some odd behavior.

DIY Grams: Young Activist

When gentrification strikes, what’s a young activist to do? DIY Grams has the answer.

DIY Grams: Gentrified Neighborhood

The OG of DIY helps a young Seattleite cope with her changing neighborhood.

Namaste Seattle

A rundown of lesser-known poses from across the Pacific Northwest.