Zubatto Syndicate

Asked to guess the headliner for what’s being billed as the first-ever jazz show at the Croc, most people probably wouldn’t come up with Zubatto Syndicate. But that’s exactly what makes this an intriguing night. The 12-piece band debuted at Town Hall last fall, with music that’s solid and involving, but also on the sedate side. On guitarist-leader Andrew Boscardin’s compositions–which lay down intricate patterns and odd-hued harmonies—the band delivered some great soloing, especially from alto player Clark Gibson, but there’s none of the Skerik-type energy that translates reliably to a rock club. These men and women play seated with music stands—or at least they did then. Can a Croc crowd respond to that kind of chamber approach? (Jazz or no, I feel confident this is the first-ever Croc show featuring a middle-aged woman on bassoon.) Hopefully yes, because this is a band that deserves a hearing. With Owcharuk 5, Waterbabies. MARK D. FEFER

Thu., April 15, 8 p.m., 2010